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TurtleTails.com Turtle Pictures Gallery
turtletails, turtletails.com, turtle pictures, box turtle, painted turtle, cooter, map turtle, musk . We really enjoy taking pictures of turtles and sharing them with you .

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photos of box turtles

Enlarge image PepsiCo Inc.

Eastern Box Turtle Information
This picture clearly illustrates the typical shell shape differences between male ( left) and female (right) eastern box turtles .

PepsiCo Inc.

Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images

Box Turtle Baby Pics
Dec 30, 2010 . Gallery of Turtle Baby Pictures. This web page contains pictures of box turtles from members of the Box Turtle Discussion List. All pictures are .

Box Turtles as Pets - An introduction to box turtles
An introduction to keeping box turtles as pets. . North American box turtles are mainly terrestrial turtles, although they do spend some time in shallow water .

Box Turtle Pictures
Box Turtles on Vacation . I have found out that bananas should only be fed rarely to the turtles as it throws off their phosphorous/calcium . Picture of Ivy Bed .

Box Turtles | Missouri Department of Conservation
Adult thee-toed box turtles are 4.5 to 6 inches long (115-145mm). Photo three- toed box turtle foot; Three-toed box turtles, as their name implies, typically have .

Box Turtles, Box Turtle Pictures, Facts, and Information
Pictures of box turtles. Box turtles are unique because their lower shell is hinged, allowing it to close completely and provide better protection for their retracted .

eastern box turtle facts
See more photos . Box turtles' omnivorous diet includes earthworms, slugs, carrion, berries, fallen . Box turtles have protected status in all New England states.

Eastern Box Turtle
Box Turtles have a high, dome-shaped carapace (top part of shell) and a hinged plastron (bottom . The picture to the left shows a turtle excavating her nest. Box .

Ornate Box Turtle
As you can see in the pictures above, this animal's shell does have a fancy look . In cow pastures, box turtles may often be found around dung piles looking for .

Pepsi Neglected

What is yours? - Bill's Eastern Box Turtle
All images below are my personal photographs of my pet eastern box turtles. 1. The tail - most reliable sex determining feature. The tail of a male will have the .

Vickie Wheeler on Chinese Box Turtles
All photos by Vickie Wheeler. Vickie Wheeler on Chinese Box Turtles: I started off with two Chinese box turtles about five years ago. They were the first two I had .

Eastern Box Turtle
Notice the bright red irises of this turtle's eyes (no, we didn't forget the red-eye reduction on the photo). Male eastern box turtles have a characteristically bright .

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North American Box Turtles Mating
North American Box Turtles. By Joe . Box turtle males can be very aggressive with their mating. . At this point he flips over in his back as seen in this picture.

CTTC: California Turtle & Tortoise Club's Box Turtle Care Sheet
Eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina) dining on snails. Photo by Michael J. Connor. Box turtles have a hinged plastron (under-shell) which allows .

Pet Box Turtle Care, Mating Habits, Pictures, and More
Let me entertain you with stories about my box turtles, videos, pictures and other things that may be helpful to the turtle lover who is considering keeping one of .

Box Turtle Subspecies
Information of kinds of box turtles. . Before scrolling down through this page for more information and photos, see if you can name the species pictured below.

Conservationists can't find ornate box turtles in Winnebago County ...
May 6, 2012 . Conservationists can't find ornate box turtles in Winnebago County. Zoom. Photos. (PHOTO) TURTLE HUNT 1 5/3/2012. KEVIN HAAS .

Lost Share

Neighborhood Box Turtle Watch | North Carolina Museum of Natural ...
Most modern digital cameras can take quite good photographs of box turtles. In bright sunlight (or with flash) take several photographs of the top part of the shell .

Outdoor Housing for Box Turtles - Building a Box Turtle Pen
At the end of this page I have listed some sites with photos and instructions for different pens. Preventing Escape by Digging Box turtles are good diggers, so the .

‘X Factor’

Aquatic Species Photos -- National Geographic
See photos of Aquatic Species in this freshwater photo gallery from National . To escape the hot Mexican Chihuahuan desert sun, Coahuilan box turtles chill in .

Turtles: Florida box turtles
Aug 1, 2008 . For my information on housing on Florida box turtles please see my tortoise page from the link on the top picture menu. These turtles are .

Box Turtle Management
Typical of older male desert box turtles, the yellow radiating lines on the shell have faded on this individual. Photo by George Andrejko. female. Note the brown .

Box Turtle Page
Box Turtle Photo Album Page. For a bigger picture, click on the thumbnail you want enlarged . Check back later for pictures of some of the other box turtles,,, .

Pictures of box turtle
Return to Wildlife Photos. Picture of a box turtle . box turtle as a pet, check out this site - They have information on what box turtles eat and care of your pet turtle .

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North American Box Turtles species overview
However like Eastern box turtles there are many variations, some carapaces are . Pictures. back to top. Ornate box turtle: Ornate box turtles are a small species .

Box turtle sex determination page 1
Dec 31, 2010 . Compare these two pictures of a male and female Three-toed box turtles. The eyes of mature males are usually red or reddish, whereas the .

Kingsnake.com - Herpforum > Turtle Forums > Box Turtles
Photo: Box Turtle . North American box turtles are omnivores with a very varied diet with insects, earth . RE: Florida Box Turtle Pics - Paradon, Jan 1, 2012 .

Eastern box turtles are long-lived reptiles that are na- . and population organization of Eastern box turtles in . Eastern Box Turtle (photo by Sara Johnson) .

Eastern box turtles are long-lived reptiles that are na- . and population organization of Eastern box turtles in . Eastern Box Turtle (photo by Sara Johnson) .

Turtles, Water Turtles, Box Turtles, Aquatic or Semi-aquatic turtles ...
Turtles Articles. About Turtles and Tortoises · Guide to Box Turtle Care . Picture of a Spiny Softshell Turtle Spiny Softshell . Box Turtles, -, Semi-terrestrial turtles .

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